Victoria Zelvin lives and works in Washington D.C., stuffed in a studio apartment with her two cats and too many books. She writes speculative short fiction in addition to working as a freelance reviewer, blogger, and editor. A few of her favorite things are Star Wars, her Nintendo Switch, Futurama, walking in the rain without an umbrella, psychic Pokemon, tagging John Mulaney stand-up screencaps with #aboutme, Star Trek: the One With the Whales, and Star Wars again. Her greatest ambition in life is to become a crazy cat lady. 

Upcoming Fiction Releases!

City of Cats | Published by Mason Jar Press in the Broken Metropolis Anthology | July 2018

The Dwindling Forest of Kelp | Published by Jaylee James in the Love & Bubbles Anthology | August 2018

ATHENA | Published by Queer Sci Fi in the Impact Anthology | TBD

Upcoming Events!

#OutWrite2018 | Washington DC | 12PM August 4th

ON A PALE HORSE - Speculative readings from Alexa Black, Lyle Blake Smythers, Jackie D, and Victoria Zelvin. Moderated by Michael M. Jones


Psst, hey guys you wanna look at my cats?