The Dwindling Forest of Kelp | Published by Jaylee James in the Love & Bubbles Anthology | Anticipated 2018

City of Cats | Published by Mason Jar Press in the Broken Metropolis Anthology | Anticipated 2018

The Time Traveler and the Immortal | Published by Daily Science Fiction | November 2017

Goodnight New York, New York | Published by Shoreline of Infinity | December 2016

Back to Where I Know You | Published by Meerkat Press in the Love Hurts Anthology | December 2015

The Last Flight Out of Saigon | Published by A Murder of Storytellers in the Broken Worlds Anthology | July 2015

On Illness | Published by Short, Fast, & Deadly in June 2014

Muses | 1st Place Andrew Murphy Fiction Award Winner, Published by On Concept's Edge | 2010