Victoria Zelvin


Victoria Zelvin is a writer living and working in Washington D.C. Her primary genre is that grey area of speculative fiction between science fiction and fantasy. She has more books than square footage in her apartment and lives with two mostly patient cats who have taken over her social media — Leela (one eye, named for her favorite cyclops) and Pisco (two eyes, looks like a shadow).
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The Plants of Erebus | Published by Brave New Girls | Anticipated July 2019

The Dwindling Forest of Kelp | Published by Jaylee James in the Love & Bubbles Anthology | October 2018

The Immortal and the Time Traveler | Published by OutWrite in the 2018 OutWrite Festival Journal | August 2018

City of Cats | Published by Mason Jar Press in the Broken Metropolis Anthology | August 2018

ATHENA | Published by Queer Sci Fi in the Impact Anthology | July 2018

Goodnight New York, New York | Published by Shoreline of Infinity in the Edinburgh International Science Festival Special Edition | April 2018

The Immortal and the Time Traveler | Published by Daily Science Fiction | November 2017

Goodnight New York, New York | Published by Shoreline of Infinity | December 2016

Back to Where I Know You | Published by Meerkat Press in the Love Hurts Anthology | December 2015

The Last Flight Out of Saigon | Published by A Murder of Storytellers in the Broken Worlds Anthology | July 2015

On Illness | Published by Short, Fast, & Deadly | June 2014

Muses | 1st Place Andrew Murphy Fiction Award Winner, Published by On Concept's Edge | 2010 


Baltimore Book Festival | Baltimore, MD | September 29th 2018

Readings from publications by Mason Jar Press from Erin Dorney, celeste doaks, Anthony Moll, and Victoria Zelvin

Broken Metropolis Launch Party | Washington DC | August 9th 2018

Celebrate the arrival of Broken Metropolis with Mason Jar Press, editor dave ring, and readings from contributors Jacob Budenz & Victoria Zelvin. 

#OutWrite2018 | Washington DC | August 4th 2018

ON A PALE HORSE - Speculative readings from Alexa Black, Lyle Blake Smythers, Jackie D, and Victoria Zelvin. Moderated by Michael M. Jones 

photo by dave ring

photo by dave ring